Sharing the Sustainable Business Journey

There was no term like ‘circular fashion’ when I started my business 27 years ago yet I have always had a strong sense of wasting as little as I could and not producing more waste in terms of packaging ... and my business model reiterates this belief of recycling pre-loved shoes, bags and accessories.  

 Over the years I had my little insights and light bulb moments of how to reduce more and almost always buy second hand, before buying something new, and built on that.

 Of course, I occasionally fell into the spell of fast fashion, but ONCE I had caught myself thinking ‘why not buy both .. they’re so cheap’ rather than choosing between one or the other garment, it was then that I realised, that that was the hook, how one get's lured into buying fast fashion, that is also when I decided to get off the fast fashion (train) altogether.                                             It was so subtle.. I almost missed it! 

I am always searching for new ideas ... more lightbulb moments and that’s why I’m sharing this talk with you to start the conversation and see where it leads to … as change starts with every one of us.

Watch this space for more …

Founder Monica Schnieper


 Thanks to City of Sydney and Glover Moore



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